Bergheim Plumbing Slab Leak Detection

The Denny Plumbing promise to you is that “We do the right thing.”  That holds true for a simple toilet clog removal or a major repair for your Bergheim home like plumbing slab leak detection and repair.

A slab leak occurs when a leak develops in the plumbing that runs underneath or inside of the concrete of your home’s foundation.  The leak can vary from a small pin-hole or a cracked pipe.

Either way, water from the leak can build up over time.  Then it jeopardizes the structural integrity of parts of the foundation.  Or  it destroys the flooring and furnishing inside your home.

As soon as you suspect a slab leak, you should look for a reputable company like Denny Plumbing to perform plumbing slab leak repair  for your home in Bergheim TX.

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broken pipe shows need for Bergheim slab leak repair services Pipe Repair

Signs for Homeowners in Bergheim that Reveal Slab Leak Detection Needed

Common signs of a slab leak include

  • damp carpet or flooring, or buckling wood flooring
  • mold or mildew odors or spots
  • decreased water pressure at one or more faucets
  • water pooling around the foundation
  • signs of water running down the foundation

When Denny Plumbing arrives to perform professional slab leak detection for your home in Bergheim TX, we will bring specialized equipment to pinpoint the exact location of the leak.  This equipment—electronic amplification tools, electromagnetic pipe locators, pressure detectors, and video cameras—all help to locate the leak in a noninvasive way.

Once the leak has been found, our Bergheim plumbers will begin your slab leak repair.  Often we simply need to run PEX tubing through a wall to reroute the water line.  However, in rare instances, we may have to cut a small hole into the foundation to directly access a line.

Denny plumbing works with Bergheim residents to find the best and least disruptive method of repair for every plumbing slab leak detection and repair.

As a customer of Denny Plumbing, you will know the cost upfront. And you can rest assured that we will keep our promise to do what’s right during your repair.  Then we'll stand behind our work once it's completed.

Give Denny Plumbing a call today to schedule your slab leak repair or any other plumbing job.

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