Bexar County Slab Leak Detection

Mineral-filled, hard water and clay soils in Central Texas, can cause the plumbing in your home to deteriorate and develop small pin holes.  While a pin hole in your plumbing may not seem like a big deal, these holes can actually release enough water in a single year to fill up half of an Olympic sized swimming pool.  If you suspect you have a leak, consult the experts at Denny Plumbing for your Bexar County slab leak detection as soon as possible.

How do you know you have a slab leak?

A slab leak may be easy to spot if you have water leaking down the sides of your foundation.  Additional signs of a slab leak include relatively warm or cold areas on your floor, buckling or warping of flooring, damp carpet, or pooling of water near the foundation.

Once you notice any of these signs, give the pros at Denny Plumbing a call to get started on your Bexar County slab leak repair.

How do you perform plumbing slab leak repair in Bexar County TX?

Bexar County slab leak detection and repair begins with locating the leak.  Water can wick along walls and flooring for great distances, making locating the actual hole in the pipe a little tricky.  The experts at Denny Plumbing use specialized equipment to help them perform slab leak detection in Bexar County TX.  They are able to find the leak while keeping damage to walls and flooring to a minimum.

Similarly, Bexar County slab leak repair is also done in the least invasive way possible.  Often a broken line can be rerouted through the ceiling, walls or cabinets keeping the residual repairs as few as possible.  When the foundation or walls do have to be opened up, usually a small 4×4 hole is all that is necessary to complete the pipe replacement.

Why choose Denny Plumbing?

The experts at Denny Plumbing are committed to performing your Bexar County plumbing slab leak detection and repair thoroughly and efficiently.  Our knowledgeable team will arrive at your door with a fully stocked service van ready to quickly complete your repair without multiple trips to the home improvement store.  Denny Plumbing is fully licensed, bonded and insured.  And our experienced professionals are committed to providing you with stellar customer service at a competitive price.

Contact the friendly staff at Denny Plumbing to learn more and to get started on your slab leak detection and repair today.


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