Bexar County Water Softener Installation

Are you tired of putting up with the hard water in San Antonio and the Hill County area?  Are you ready to protect your home investment with the addition of a water softener or conditioner?  Reach out to one of the top Bexar County water softener companies—Denny Plumbing.

The experts at Denny Plumbing have been providing plumbing services for over 20 years.  So, our experience makes our Bexar County plumbers the logical choice for water softener installation.

We are fully licensed, bonded, and insured.  And our plumbing experts are up-to-date on the most current methods in the industry.

We work hard to provide our customers with exceptional customer service while pricing our services competitively.  Although you have many water softener companies in Bexar County TX to choose from, we think you will agree that Denny Plumbing is the right choice.

Unlike many other Bexar County water softener companies, Denny Plumbing works with the individual homeowner to customize Bexar County water softener installation.  We help the customer analyze the water usage in the home, the energy consumption issues, and any health concerns.  Also, we analyze the mineral content of the water.

Our experienced technicians take into consideration your goals of a homeowner. And we help you choose the correct product based on all the information which we collected.

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Common Types of Water Conditioners

There are two common types of water conditioning units used for Bexar County water softener installation:  salt and salt-free units.  Each unit has its place in the water conditioning industry. And each has its own benefits.

The salt water softener is the most commonly used in water softener installations in Bexar County.  It actually removes the minerals that cause hard water.  Therefore it gives the water a soft, slick feeling. And the minerals are no longer present in the water to deposit in the pipes or on surfaces.

However, you may want a salt-free units if you are concerned about sodium content in the water.  A salt-free conditioner will still alleviate deposits of minerals on surfaces, but without the use of salts.  In addition, your water will retain the hard feel of the water.  And you will not have   the maintenance associated of adding salt to the unit.

Let the knowledgeable experts at one of the leading Bexar County water softener companies help you with your hard water problems.  Give Denny Plumbing a call today to start on your water conditioning evaluation.  Or schedule your appointment online.

To learn more about water softeners and how they work check out:  determining your need for a water softener, illustrations on ion exchange in water softeners, common water softener repairs, and typical water softener maintenance.

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