Canyons at Scenic Loop Water Softener Installation

All Canyons at Scenic Loop water softener companies can verify that water in the San Antonio area is hard.  In fact, it is some of the hardest water in the U.S.  You can see more on this harness map.

Hard water can wreak havoc on your plumbing system if it is left unchecked.  Water faucets and shower heads can end up clogged with calcium or their finish tarnished.  In addition, water supply lines can be lined with minerals reducing their water flow.  In fact, the very plumbing lines that carry water throughout your home can become lined with minerals.  The result is a smaller inner diameter and less water flow in your home.  And, unfortunately, it can also mean the deterioration of the pipes themselves over time.

What do you do to combat hard water?

Canyons at Scenic Loop water softener installation is the most effective way to combat hard water.  Water conditioning systems come in two main types:  Salt and Salt-free.

Salt water softeners are the primary type installed by water softener companies in Canyons at Scenic Loop in San Antonio TX.  This type of unit truly softens the water.  In actuality, this means that the unit removes the hard minerals like calcium and magnesium from the water.  In order to do this, it replaces those minerals from the minerals in salt.  Thus, salt units can end up with a slightly elevated level of sodium or potassium in the softened water.  However, the additional amount in 8oz of water is only as much as is in a piece of bread.  In addition, sodium can be avoided if desired by using potassium chloride salts.

The second type of water conditioner used by Canyons at Scenic Loop water softener companies is a salt-free unit.  These units do not actually soften the water.  Instead, they only bind the hard minerals.  This leave the water with its customary “hard” feel, but it prevents many of the problems associated with hard water.

Which type of unit is right for your Canyons at Scenic Loop water softener installation?

Choosing an appropriate water conditioner depends on your goals.  Are you wanting the feel of softer water?  Do you want to completely remove the hard minerals so that your soaps will lather, and your clothes will be softer?  Does anyone in your household need to eliminate sodium from their diet?  Do you mind the maintenance of hauling bags of salt home to pour into the brine tank?  You need to consider these and many more factors when beginning your water softener installation in Canyons at Scenic Loop TX.

Professionals from Denny Plumbing, one of the top Canyons at Scenic Loop water softener companies, is here to help you with your water conditioning journey.  Our experienced professionals can help you understand your goals.  Then they will recommend the type and size of unit that will best fit your goals and your water quality issues.

Give the friendly staff at Denny Plumbing a call to set up an appointment for us to provide you with a quote.  We look forward to helping you alleviate your hard water issues.

In addition, we can help you with any other plumbing issues you may have:  water heaters, pipe leaks, kitchen disposals, faucets and shower heads, emergency plumbing, and much, much more.

We also have 3rd party financing available to help with emergency plumbing needs or if you just want to get a jump on your soft water solutions.

To learn more about water softeners and how they work check out:  determining your need for a water softener, illustrations on ion exchange in water softeners, common water softener repairs, and typical water softener maintenance.


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