Cibolo Canyons Slab Leak Detection

Water running down the sides of your foundation is a major and immediate concern.  When you experience this problem, you know you should turn your water off at the home’s main water shutoff valve.  Then you need to call a reliable company like Denny Plumbing for Cibolo Canyons plumbing slab leak detection.

Cibolo Canyons slab leak repair can sound daunting.  Thankfully, with improvements in plumbing materials and methods, it doesn’t have to be overwhelming.

The experienced plumbers at Denny Plumbing use specialized equipment for slab leak detection in Cibolo Canyons TX.  This equipment allows them to locate pipes and amplify the sounds in your plumbing system.  As a result, they can locate the leak without doing unnecessary damage to your home.

What causes slab leaks?

Plumbing slab leak repair in Cibolo Canyons TX becomes necessary when the pipes in or under your foundation develop a leak or break.  Water then enters the home or runs down the sides of the foundation.

Clay soil, which constricts and expands, is one of the major causes of slab leaks.  Our San Antonio soil has a high clay content making slab leaks fairly common in our area.  In addition, pinholes in the pipes can be causes by vibrations or by chemical reactions between the pipes and the water, soil, or concrete.

Securing Cibolo Canyons slab leak detection

Unfortunately, some slab leaks can go undetected if a homeowner is not aware of common slab leak signs. These include

  • Spike in water bill
  • Decreased water pressure
  • Constantly running water heater
  • Areas on warmth on the floor
  • Water pooling beside the foundation
  • Mold or mildew growth

Once you recognize signs that indicate a leak, let the reliable professionals at Denny Plumbing help you with Cibolo Canyons plumbing slab leak detection to locate the source.

Types of Repairs

Cibolo Canyons slab leak repair can come in a variety of forms.  First, a section of pipe may need to be replaced.  Another possibility is that the pipes can be sealed with an epoxy restoration.  And finally, the leaking pipe can be rerouted through a re-pipe.  If multiple leaks are present or leaks have occurred multiple times, an entire house re-pipe should be considered.

Reach out to Denny Plumbing today to resolve your leak issue and to get your foundation back on dry ground.  Our friendly staff is waiting to take your call.  Be sure to ask about our 3rd-party financing if this repair has caught you by surprise.


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