Cibolo Canyons Water Softener Installation

The water in the San Antonio area has a very high mineral particulate count.  This mineral content can lead to plumbing leaks including slab leaks and shorten the life of your water heater.  However, Cibolo Canyons water softener companies, like Denny Plumbing, can help you deal with this hard water.  Usually the best method for Cibolo Canyons homes is water softener installation.

How does a water softener work?

Water softeners work by trading the minerals in the water.  As the water flows through the cylinder with the resin beads, the calcium and magnesium in the water are attracted to the beads.  Through an ion exchange, these minerals adhere to the beads and the sodium or potassium from the beads is released into the water.  During a recharge cycle, water from the brine tank washes away the calcium and magnesium and “resets” the beads for the next usage period.

Because installing a water softener also means working through the best settings for your household, it’s best to work with experienced water softener companies in Cibolo Canyons, TX.  The experts at Denny Plumbing can help you think through the correct unit type, sizing, and settings.  Call us at 210-745-2288 to request a no obligation consultation.

Faucets with water softener filtered water

Types of Water Conditioning Units

Knowledgeable plumbers from Cibolo Canyons water softener companies including Denny Plumbing will be able to explain the pros and cons of the two common types of water conditioning units.

Salt water softeners are true water softeners.  Thus, they utilize the ion exchange explained above.  Consequently, the resulting water is free from the hard minerals.  This soft water can have a slick feel to it.  In order to continue to recharge the resin beads, water softeners require the addition of salts on a regular basis. Additionally, they have a slightly elevated level of sodium in the resulting water—about as much as 1 slice of bread for every 8oz cup.

Salt-Free units are actually water conditioners.  They bind the calcium and magnesium in the water.  Thus, the minerals are no longer able to adhere to the plumbing lines or the fixtures.  However, since they do not remove the hard minerals, the water retains its “hard” feel.  Nevertheless, it does do the job of protecting your plumbing.  In addition, these conditioners do not require the maintenance of adding salts.  Nor do they result in an increased sodium or potassium level in your household water.

Water Softener Installation in Cibolo Canyons TX

The reliable plumbers at Denny Plumbing can help you with your Cibolo Canyons water softener installation.  Allow our trained professionals to sit down with you to discuss the pros and cons of the different types of units.  To begin, we will ascertain your goals and concerns.  Then we will find the best fit for your unique situation.  In addition, we will evaluate your plumbing system and determine the best location and size for your unit.

So, give Denny Plumbing, one of the premier Cibolo Canyons water softener companies, a call today to get started on your softer water.

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