Encino Park Sewer Line Repair

The need for Encino Park sewer line repair in San Antonio Tx can be obvious if you have waste water flowing back into your home; however, some of the other signs of needing Encino Park sewer repairs may not be as obvious or well known.  At Denny Plumbing, we want to make sure you know what to look for.

Common signs inside your home include

  • Waste water from one drain coming up in another drain
  • Drains that need to be cleared on a regular basis
  • Slow drainage at one or more drain
  • Gurgling noises coming from drains or toilets—particularly those on the lower level
  • Unexplained mold growth

In addition to signs in the home, sewer line repair in Encino Park Tx in San Antonio can be necessary due to factors with the main sewer line as well.  The main line connects the smaller lines from your home to the city sewage line.  Often a problem with the main line will affect multiple drains in the home rather than being localized at a single drain.  Sometimes a problem with the main line can be recognized by an area of exceptionally green grass (due to nitrogen from the waste water fertilizing the grass) or by an indented area in the yard (caused by a sagging of the sewer line).

Types of Encino Park sewer line repair

Encino Park sewer repairs in San Antonio Tx can be as simple as a spot repair or as complex as a full sewer line replacement.  If the problem with the line is relegated to just a small area, a spot repair is the perfect fix.  However, sometimes if the entire main line is deteriorating, it is wise to replace the line in entirety rather than risking a major waste water back flow issue later.  Either way, the knowledgeable professionals at Denny Plumbing will work diligently to make your sewer repair in Encino Park Tx as efficient as possible with no unnecessary damage to your lawn or landscaping.

The experienced plumbers are Denny Plumbing are committed to providing you with 5-star service as they “do the right thing” for your plumbing.  Give Denny Plumbing a call to schedule your Encino Park sewer line repair in San Antonio today.


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