Garden Ridge Water Heater Repair

When your water heater stops working, life can get complicated.  No warm showers.  No hot water for washing clothes.  No warm sudsy water for cleaning your dishes.  You need Garden Ridge water heater repair as quickly as possible.

You also want a reliable company that will evaluate the problem with your water heater and make an honest recommendation for repair or replacement of that unit.  Denny Plumbing is that company.  We treat our customers with excellent customer service and respect regardless of whether we are performing a Garden Ridge water heater installation or a simple heating element replacement.

While Denny Plumbing recommends a new water heater installation in Garden Ridge TX for units that are 6-12 years old, we work with our customers to extend the life of their existing water heaters as long as is possible.  The mineral-filled hard water of San Antonio and the Hill Country area can shorten the life of water heaters in this area.  Routine flushing and small Garden Ridge water heat repair can help to prolong the life of the unit.  Flushing rids the tank of minerals that would deposit themselves on the bottom of the tank, on the heating elements, or on the sides of the tank.

Why Choose Denny Plumbing for Water Heater Repair in Garden Ridge?

All service performed by Denny Plumbing comes with a full one-year parts and labor guarantee.  Denny Plumbing is licensed and insured.  And all of our plumbers are licensed and background checked for the security of our customers.  We strive to provide 5-star service for each job from a Garden Ridge water heater installation to a thermostat replacement to clearing a clogged drain.  We stand by our motto to do what’s right for our customers.

Whether you’re in need of Garden Ridge water heater repair, a new unit installation or some other plumbing help, allow the knowledgeable professionals at Denny Plumbing to give you a hand.  Reach out today to schedule your appointment.

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