Garden Ridge Water Softener Installation

Seeking out the help of Garden Ridge water softener companies, like Denny Plumbing, is a wise way to save money and preserve your home’s value.  The hard water of Central Texas is filled with calcium and other minerals that deposits on faucets, on water heater heating elements, and in dishwasher spray arms.  Glasses come out spotted, clothes wear out more quickly, and hair and skin become dry and even brittle.  Garden Ridge water softener installation can help to prevent this mineral buildup and the deterioration it leaves behind.

Water softener companies in Garden Ridge TX offer two different types of common water softeners:  salt and slat free.  Salt units are the most common and are made up of a resin bead cylinder and a brine tank.  These tanks require regular installments of sodium chloride pellets to recharge the resin beads which perform an ion-exchange to remove the minerals from the water preventing them from adhering to surfaces where the water is used.

Salt-free units, the other type of unit installed by Garden Ridge water softener companies, are generally used when a customer is concerned about the presence excess sodium in the water or simply want to retain the hard feel of the water.  These units neutralize the minerals causing them to form crystals which prevents the minerals from adhering to surfaces.

Process of Garden Ridge water softener installation

Reputable Garden Ridge water softener companies, like Denny Plumbing will begin the installation process by completing a water content assessment and evaluating the needs and desires of the customer.  Based on the mineral grains per gallon in the water, the number gallons used in a common day, and the frequency of recharge needed, the correct type of water softener will be recommended.  If sodium is a health concern that will also be taken into consideration.

The experts at Denny Plumbing will analyze the plumbing system in the home and determine the best location for the water softener installation in Garden Ridge TX.  Using the most reliable parts and materials, our professionals will complete your installation in the most efficient and effective way possible.

Additional money saving features may also be installed per the customer’s request.  These include recharge timers and demand-initiated regeneration.

Reach out to Denny Plumbing today by phone or online for your water softener evaluation and installation appointment.

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