Helotes Plumbing Slab Leak Detection

Helotes slab leak detection begins with you, the home or business owner, recognizing the signs of needed Helotes slab leak repair and then calling for the assistance of plumbing professionals like Denny Plumbing.

These signs include

  • Water exiting the home and running down the foundation
  • Flooring that is damp or warping
  • Warm or cool spots on the floor (that may attract pets)
  • Mold or mildew growth in unexpected areas

Once a homeowner has recognized signs of a slab leak, plumbing slab leak repair in Helotes Tx should be sought out immediately.  Although many slab leaks are tiny pin-hole leaks in the plumbing that run through or under the foundation of the home, this small amount of water can build up into a major problem.  Water from slab leaks can weaken the foundation or cause a pier-and-beam foundation to rot leaving the integrity of the home’s foundation in jeopardy.

Professional Helotes slab leak detection

Denny Plumbing uses specialized equipment to help with slab leak detection in Helotes Tx.  The highly trained experts at Denny Plumbing will evaluate the plumbing in your home looking for areas where the water pressure is decreased or where they can “hear” the sound of dripping water through the flooring.  This equipment and these methods help to reduce the need to open up the foundation in order to repair a slab leak.

Helotes slab leak repair can usually be accomplished by capping off the leaking water line and using PEX tubing to make a new water line that runs through the ceiling and walls or cabinets.  When this is possible the need for foundation repair or drywall repair after the slab leak is completed is drastically reduced if not avoided altogether.

If you are experiencing a slab leak, call in the experts at Denny Plumbing for your Helotes plumbing slab leak detection and repair.  The friendly staff is standing by to help with your plumbing needs both day and night.  And we offer 5-star service at a competitive rate.  Call today.


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