Helotes Water Softener Installation

Helotes water softener companies can tell you the common signs of hard water.  We see them all the time.

  • Lack of lather from soaps, shampoos, and detergents
  • Spots on dishes
  • Scale on coffee makers or hot water kettles
  • Bath tub rings
  • Calcium buildup around faucets
  • And much more…

However, the most important reason to schedule your Helotes water softener installation with Denny Plumbing is the unseen damage that hard water causes.  The minerals from hard water can build up in your water heater or dishwasher requiring them to burn out prematurely.  And unfortunately, the minerals can also build up in the plumbing lines themselves restricting water flow.

Water softener companies in Helotes Tx, including Denny Plumbing, recommend installing a water softener as soon as possible to protect your home’s plumbing from further damage.

Helotes water softener companies in San Antonio reference research

Research done by the Water Quality Research Council at New Mexico State found that a water heater impeded by the buildup of hard water minerals had an efficiency decrease of 22-30%.  That means more money out of the owners’ pocket both to heat water less efficiently and to replace the water heater more often.

Helotes water softener installation will often save you money in the long run as your appliances will last longer, your fixtures will retain their new appearance, and your water lines will remain unrestricted.  All this in turn, retains the value of your home.

So, if you are considering water softener installation in Helotes Tx in San Antonio, give the experts at Denny Plumbing a call.  We would be happy to discuss your water softening needs and find the best option for your situation.

Denny Plumbing – More than one of many Helotes water softener companies

Denny Plumbing offers 5-star service at a competitive price, knowledgeable licensed technicians, no obligations upfront quotes, and full 1-year warranties on parts and labor.  Call the friendly professionals at Denny Plumbing to find out more.  Or schedule online.  Ask about our senior, military, and new homeowner discounts, as well as, available financing options.

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