Hill Country Village Slab Leak Detection

The experienced professionals at Denny Plumbing are waiting to help you with your Hill Country Village slab leak detection.  Reach out, and we’ll provide you with a no-cost, no-obligation quote for Hill Country Village slab leak repair.

But, let’s back up a little….

Just what is a slab leak?

A leak that develops in the plumbing in or under the slab of your home is called a slab leak.  These leaks can occur for a number of reasons.

First, they can be caused by movement.  This movement can be from the expansion and contraction of soil.  Unfortunately, the soil in the San Antonio area has a high clay content which can contribute to foundation issues.

Second, slab leaks can form from a chemical reaction called electrolysis.  This reaction can occur between the pipe and the concrete if the copper pipes were not wrapped correctly.  Alternatively, it can be from a reaction between the pipes and the minerals in the water.  Regardless, of the cause, the result is still a leak in your pipes.

Finally, the cause may be from poor workmanship.  If pipes were not soldered correctly, over time leaks will develop.

Now that we know what causes them…

How do we recognize slab leaks?

In order to know that you need plumbing slab leak repair for your home in Hill Country Village, TX, you need to know how to recognize the leaks.  So, here are some common signs that you may have a leak in your plumbing.

  • A spike in your water usage and the resulting bill
  • Flooring that is damp or buckled
  • A decrease in water pressure throughout the home
  • A water heater that continually runs (hot water is leaking out of the lines somewhere)
  • Water puddling next to the foundation
  • Water trickling down the foundation

Any of these issues can signal a major problem and you should seek out help for your Hill Country Village plumbing slab leak detection.


broken pipe representing emergency plumbing repair

How do you complete Hill Country Village slab leak repair?

After you have called in the professionals at Denny Plumbing, they will use specialized equipment for slab leak detection in Hill Country Village TX.  Consequently, they will be able to locate the source of the leak without unnecessary damage to your home.

Once the leak is pinpointed, there are several options for repair.  These range from a small repair to a whole-house re-pipe.

Often, we can perform a simple repair by taking out a small section of the pipe and replacing it with new pipe.

However, on occasion, the best solution with the least cosmetic damage to your home is a re-pipe.  For this repair, we reroute new pipe through the walls, ceiling, or cabinets.  The new pipe by-passes the broken pipe which is then capped off to prevent further leaking.

Who do you call for Hill Country Village plumbing slab leak detection?

Denny Plumbing is a full-service plumbing company.  We provide plumbing services for water heaters, water softeners and much more.

We’re licensed, bonded, and insured.  All our plumbers are up-to-date on the newest industry standards.  In addition, all our work is backed by a one-year parts and labor guarantee.

The Denny Plumbing team strives to provide you with 5-star service at a competitive price.  Even when it’s an emergency.  Whether we are doing a complete home re-pipe, a sewer camera inspection, or a water leak, we do the right thing for our customers.

Call Denny Plumbing today at 210-745-2288 and get started on your next plumbing project.


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