Kendall County Slab Leak Detection

Plumbing pipes can deteriorate from the changes in soil conditions and the presence of clay soils in the Hill Country.  Pipes can even develop small pin holes leaks.  When these leaks are in the foundation of your Kendall County home, you will need slab leak detection and repair.

Pin holes in your water lines, though small, are able to produce over 360,000 gallons of water in only a few short months—enough water to fill half of an Olympic-sized swimming pool.  Unfortunately, this much water released in or under your home can do substantial damage.

If you think you might have a leak in your foundation, talk to the Kendall County plumbers at Denny Plumbing as soon as possible to schedule slab leak detection.

Do you have slab leak?

A slab leak can be easily spotted if you have water trickling down the edges of your slab.  Or you may also recognize a foundation plumbing leak by some of the less obvious signs:

  • an area on your floor that is warmer or colder than your floor in general
  • damp carpet
  • flooring that has cracked
  • buckled or warped
  • water pooling near the home’s foundation.

If you spot these signs, call the professionals at Denny Plumbing to schedule your Kendall County service for slab leak repair.

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broken pipe shows need for Kendall County slab leak repair services

What is a typical plumbing slab leak repair for homes in Kendall County, TX?

Kendall County slab leak detection and repair launches with pinpointing the leak.

Water leaks can sometimes be difficult to locate.  For example,  water can travel for long distances by wicking along walls and flooring.

The reliable professionals at Denny Plumbing have specialized equipment, including electronic amplification tools, to help with slab leak detection for your home in Kendall County, TX.

In addition, our licensed plumbers locate the leak in the least invasive way possible.  And we work hard to prevent unnecessary damage to walls and flooring.

Also, our Kendall County experts complete slab leak repair  with as little cosmetic damage to drywall or flooring as possible.  Often we can reroute many broken lines through the cabinets, ceilings, and wall.  Then there will be little or no drywall or flooring repairs necessary after the plumbing repair.

And generally, even when we must cut into the walls or slab, we'll only need a small 4x4 hole to make the necessary repairs.

Why choose Denny Plumbing?

The reliable Kendall County specialists at Denny Plumbing are committed to making your plumbing slab leak detection and repair efficiently and thoroughly.

In order to complete your repair in a timely manner without unnecessary trips to a home improvement store, our team members arrive at your home or business in a service van stocked with high quality parts and materials.

And Denny Plumbing is fully licensed, bonded and insured.

Contact the friendly staff at Denny Plumbing to learn more and to get started on your plumbing repair today.

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