Kendall County Water Heater Repair

Did you know your water heater can use as much as 18% of your home’s energy?  It’s also one of the largest and most expensive parts of your plumbing.  And because it's a large tank of water, it has the potential to release large amounts of water into your home in just a few seconds.  As a Kendall County home owner, you  want to protect your home by performing water heater repairs when needed.

The fact is, you want to keep your water heater functioning efficiently and safely.

By inspecting your water heater, you may notice signs that your unit needs repairs.  In fact, you may even find your Kendall County home needs a new water heater installation.

Unfortunately, a unit that's over 6 years old and not protected by a water softening system, may not be functioning efficiently anymore.

For example, minerals in the hard water, such as calcium that is common to the San Antonio and Hill Country area, can build up inside the water heater.  However, regular flushing of the unit helps to prevent or reduce this build up.  In turn, it will extend the life of the unit.

Water heater repair can be performed by your Kendall County plumbers from Denny Plumbing. Repairs may include replacing a heating element or installing a new anode rod installation.  Fortunately, these repairs can also extend the useful life of a unit.

A reliable company, like Denny Plumbing, can safely perform your water heater repairs or installation.

In addition to the age and exterior appearance of the unit, you may notice other signs of a failing unit.  One of these is a change in the normal volume or temperature of hot water produced by your unit.

If you find your Kendall County has this problem, you can make water heater repair to get your unit back into shape.  For example, our plumbers may need to replace the thermostat or the  heating elements to get your unit back in business.

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bath tub with hot water from shower from Kendall County water heater repair

Do you Need a New Water Heater?

Units that produce rust-colored hot water or water that has a metallic odor, may be slowly rusting from the inside out.  Once the metal sides of the tank become weakened, you could end up with a sudden flood of water into your home.

No home owner would want this experience.

Therefore, you should consider replacing your water heater with a new installation if metallic water come from the unit in your Kendall County, TX home.

Kendall County plumbing professionals, like Denny Plumbing, should be consulted for water heater installation.  Our trained plumbers will make sure that your new unit is installed according to current code.

And we know the importance of maintaining the value of your home and keeping your family safe through safe practices.  For gas water heaters it’s particularly important to avoid the DIY approach and enlist knowledgeable experts.

Denny Plumbing is here to help Kendall County residents whether you need a new water heater installation or simple repair. Contact Denny Plumbing today for more information or to schedule a convenient time for your service appointment.

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