Leon Springs Sewer Line Repair

Drainage lines in Leon Springs homes can require sewer line repair for a variety of reasons.

Lines that are more than 30-years-old can become damaged from years of mineral deposits.  Unfortunately, these deposits eat away at the pipes.  Also, iron pipes can become rusted, and excess pressure can weaken PVC pipes over time.

In addition, sewer lines may crack or break from shifts in the soil that cause the pipes to sag.  Furthermore, hairline cracks in the lines release moisture.  Unfortunately, this moisture invites tree roots to force their way into the pipes making the cracks larger.

No matter how your home in Leon Springs, Tx came to need sewer repairs, the experienced professionals at Denny Plumbing are here to help solve the problem.  And we'll get your plumbing flowing again in no time.

Denny Plumbing offers a free upfront, no obligation estimate on your sewer line repair for your home in Leon Springs, TX.

We will arrive at your home in a fully stocked service truck prepared to immediately handle your needs.  Then, once you give our estimate the go-ahead, we'll get your plumbing back to normal.

We value your time.

And we're committed to doing the job in the most efficient, least invasive way possible.

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How do you know if your Leon Springs home needs  sewer line repair?

Common signs of needing drainage repairs include

  • Offensive sewer odor in your yard or next to your drains
  • Area of extra green grass in your yard
  • Area of depression in the yard
  • Water backing up in floor drains
  • Gurgling noises from lower level drains
  • Drains that need to be repeatedly cleared
  • Slow drainage at one or more drains

If you're experiencing any of these symptoms, we recommend having a sewer inspection performed.

Denny Plumbing can perform a video inspection of your wastewater lines to determine if you have clogged or damaged drainage lines.  The video inspection conducted by our Leon Springs plumbers will reveal if you need sewer repairs to remedy harmful situations.

For example, the video footage can reveal tree roots growing into the lines.  In addition, it may show that the pipes are rusted or wearing out pipes. And it would alert us to any sags in the line that don’t allow proper drainage.

Sewer repairs from professional plumbing companies should be performed for your home in Leon Springs, Tx before a major sewer incident happens.  Because, as we all know, that's the best way to prevent sewage from entering your home.

Give the professionals at Denny Plumbing a call today to get your Leon Springs or San Antonio home scheduled for sewer line inspection and repair.

Denny Plumbing in licensed, bonded and insured.  And we offer free upfront no obligation estimates on all plumbing work to be done.

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