Leon Springs Water Heater Repair

Your water heater is one of the costliest users of electricity in your home, so it makes sense to keep it running as efficiently as possible.  Leon Springs water heater repair by Denny Plumbing will help you to do just that.  We have a team of qualified technicians who will work with you to determine the best way to keep your water heater functioning optimally.

A typical water heater can account for up to 18% of a home’s energy bill.  That number can be lowered through proper maintenance of your water heater and proper sizing of your water heater unit to meet the needs of your family.  Leon Springs water heater installation company, Denny Plumbing, can help you to evaluate your hot water needs and recommend units that will be a good fit for your family and your wallet.

In addition, many times water heater repair in Leon Springs Tx can help to avoid the untimely need to replace a water heater unit.  A typical unit in Central Texas will last between 6 and 12 years depending on the hardness of the water, the frequency that the unit is flushed and if the anode rod is replaced before it becomes ineffective and damage is done to the inside of your water heater.  A simple repair and regular maintenance performed by Denny Plumbing will help to prolong the life of your unit to its fullest potential.

Why should you call a Leon Springs water heater repair company?

Having a Leon Springs water heater installation company repair or replace your water heater will give you peace of mind that the unit was installed correctly.  Many water heaters are powered through natural gas which can be deadly to your family if improperly connected.  Carbon monoxide can creep into your home without your knowledge if the burner on your water heater is malfunctioning.  In addition, a gas leak, even a slow one, can be an explosion waiting to happen.  It’s better to pay a professional company for water heater installation in Leon Springs Tx and have peace of mind rather than staying awake at night worrying that you might have done something wrong with your DIY repair or replacement.

Give Denny Plumbing a call to help with your Leon Springs water heater repair.  We are fully bonded and insured to protect you and to provide you with the best service possible.  Be sure to ask about our financing plans when you call.  We look forward to talking with you.


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