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Denny Plumbing is honored to be among trusted Stone Oak Plumbing companies.

We have Plumbers in Stone Oak Texas who work hard to provide you with the best plumbing service possible.

If you need Stone Oak emergency plumbing repair services, there's only one team of experts to call.

Denny Plumbing.

Our round-the-clock availability means that you'll be able to obtain the plumbing repair  you need, when you need them — you won’t have to wait until morning.

Your home and property are just too important to ignore a water leak, drainage problem or other emergency. When you need a quick, high-quality fix, it's time to contact the professionals at Denny Plumbing.

We pride ourselves on our exceptional customer service, even in the face of tight deadlines and emergent conditions. Let us show you the benefits of choosing our emergency plumbing repair in Stone Oak TX.

Are you experiencing a major problem right now? Call Denny Plumbing at 210-745-2288 or contact us through our website. We schedule appointments 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Denny Plumbing's Services in Stone Oak, TX Include:

Prevent Further Damage to Your Home with Stone Oak Emergency Plumbing Repair

A clogged toilet is no big deal, right? After all, you can probably wait until morning to find a plumber who can help you with the problem.

Not so fast — if you don't seek Stone Oak plumbers for immediate plumbing repair services, even a clogged toilet can lead to structural damage. Or it can even create health problems from raw sewage backing up in your home.

Ignoring the “ick” factor, you simply can’t afford to expose your home to such serious risk.

When you choose Denny Plumbing for your repair services, you're investing in a reliable team.  A team that guarantees our parts and labor for a minimum one-year term. Furthermore, after the emergency, we can provide regular maintenance that prevents the development of future problems.

Stone Oak emergency plumbing repair is only scratching the surface of our services — we also provide hard water analysis, leak checks and seasonal services to prepare your home for weather transitions.

Ready to get started? Contact us today, and ask about our military, senior and new home buyer discounts! We are standing by to start working for you. 210-745-2288


Professional Plumbing Services for Stone Oak Homeowners




Whole house water filtration system:  clean water solutions by Stone Oak Plumbers

If you see calcium build up on your plumbing fixtures, there is also buildup inside the faucets and pipes.

This buildup is typical in Stone Oak since the water is exceptionally hard.  But, you can combat this hard water with a whole house water filtration system.

Adding a whole house water filter system to your plumbing will remove the larger particles of sediment and minerals from the water.  This will allow your water softener to function properly.  It won’t get bogged down with too much matter in the water.

Also, a Reverse Osmosis system in your kitchen will provide you with clean, refreshing drinking water.  You won’t have to carry home heavy bottles of water anymore.

Denny Plumbing has an experienced Stone Oak plumber available to help provide you with clean water.  He can perform a whole house water filtration system installation.  Or he can install a water softener or a reverse osmosis system. Unlike many Stone Oak plumbing companies, we do it all.

We also offer financing options to help you get the clean water you want now.  You don’t need to put it off.  Allow our friendly, knowledgeable professionals to discuss the options with you.

Don’t put off getting the clean water you want and the plumbing protection you need.  Contact Denny Plumbing today for your free estimate.

Water Softener Installations and Repairs for Stone Oak Home and Business Owners

When you're looking for the right fit among Stone Oak water softener companies, you want a plumbing company that's available to meet all of your residential needs.

You want a team of Stone Oak plumbers who can help you learn about your options for water softener installation. Denny Plumbing provides reliable recommendations for your home’s plumbing fixtures and plumbing systems.  And we deliver top-notch results at any time of the day or night.

From emergency plumbing needs to routine water softener installation in Stone Oak TX, Denny Plumbing is the right call.

We offer a one-year guarantee on parts and labor, providing you with the peace of mind you need and deserve. Let us show you why we stand above the other water softener companies in Stone Oak TX.

Choosing the right equipment from Stone Oak water softener companies

How can Stone Oak water softener installation help your family? Softer water has many benefits for your home, property and fixtures, including:

  • Shinier silverware, glassware and plumbing fixtures
  • Less soap and shampoo required for cleaning and personal hygiene
  • Softer clothes with longer-lasting fabrics and more vibrant colors
  • Longer life for your washing machines, coffee machines, dishwashers and other water-using appliances
  • Lower energy costs and reduced need to replace appliances.

Water softeners are available in both salt-based and salt-free options. For our clients who are looking to control their sodium intake and reduce the amount of maintenance required for their system, we recommend the salt-free system. Other clients may find that a salt-based system meets their needs better. Denny Plumbing helps you identify the water softener that is right for your family.

Ready to get started with one of the most reliable Stone Oak water softener companies in the market today? Contact Denny Plumbing now to get started. You can also schedule online.  We can’t wait to begin working for you. 210-745-2288

(210) 745-2288

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Stone Oak Sewer Line Repair

A failed sewer line can cause substantial damage to your home.  Water flooding into the home can damage the walls and flooring. But more importantly, failed sewer lines bring the risk of contaminants from waste water sewage.  This is different from other sudden water damage events in your home.  As a Stone Oak home owner, you should consider video inspections and sewer line repair as a proactive option.

Don't just sit back and wait until your sewer line fails, catch the problem early.

Denny Plumbing offers video inspections of your sewer lines to help you prevent a sudden and unexpected sewer line failure.  An annual inspection for your Stone Oak home followed by any necessary sewer repairs will keep your home out of the muck.

Often sewer line repair in Stone Oak, Tx is a simple matter of replacing a small section of the main line.  This may be an area where tree roots have grown into the line.  Or you might need to replace a section where shifting soil has caused a sagging in the pipe.

In addition, you may need to remove foreign objects that have become lodged in the line.  Flow of water and wastes may be restricted or blocked by these objects.

Stone Oak Sewer Line Repair by Denny Plumbing

Utilizing professionals Stone Oak plumbers, like Denny Plumbing, to perform your drain clog repairs is the wise choice.

The reliable and experienced technicians at Denny Plumbing have the know-how to make sure that the sewer repair in Stone Oak Tx is completed according to plumbing code. And in a way that will keep your family safe.

They have the experience necessary to evaluate the situation.  And they can recognize factors that may be contributing to plumbing problems.  Factor that a lay person may overlook.

In addition, Denny Plumbing is licensed, bonded, and insured to give you peace of mind.

And we are committed to doing the right thing for you and your plumbing.  Give the friendly staff at Denny Plumbing a call today to schedule your sewer and drain clog repair.   210-745-2288

Denny Plumbing’s Stone Oak plumbers help remove toilet and drain clogs

Even though Stone Oak is a young community, you can still have problems with clogged drains.  Sewer lines can sag as the dirt settles under the line.  Sometime this will create a small part of the line that is lower than the rest of the line.  Other times an area of the line may not settle with the rest of the line.  This will create a bump in the line.  These uneven grades in the sewer lines can prevent water from flowing away from your home.

But, not all clogs are from the lines settling.  If a non-dissolvable item falls down the drain or is flushed down the toilet, it can become lodged.  This will keep water from exiting the drain effectively.

When you have a drain blockage that you can’t clear using a home plunger, it’s time to call in the forerunner in Stone Oak Texas plumbing companies.  Denny Plumbing will determine the cause of your clog and then repair the problem.  Our technicians have specialized equipment to help them do the job quickly and completely.

When you’re looking for an honest plumber in Stone Oak Tx, you don’t need to look any further.  Denny Plumbing is committed to providing you with honest, reliable service.

Are you ready for plumbing service you can count on?  Call Denny Plumbing at 210-745-2288 or schedule online.

  • $129 Drain Clean Special

    Our Drain Specialists unclog your kitchen or main line drain SCHEDULE YOURS TODAY

  • *Limit one per household. Some restrictions may apply. Cannot combine offers. Expires 12/31/2021.

Stone Oak Residents Need Reliable Water Heater Repair and Installation Services

Who should you call when your Stone Oak home needs water heater repair? At Denny Plumbing, we know that DIY maintenance on your water heater can lead to serious problems.

Without the proper tools and techniques, you can damage this critical home system.

Instead of attempting a fix on your own, why not consider partnering with Stone Oak plumbers from a plumbing and water heater installation company? Our team of professionals can prevent mistakes that lead to water backup.  We can also help prevent valve damage and even the destruction of your water heater.

We provide you with the ongoing service to keep your water heater in tip-top shape.  And we also provide water heater repair in Stone Oak, TX. Let us show you the difference that comes along with using a top-notch water heater installation company in Stone Oak, TX.

Trusting the pros for your Stone Oak water heater repair

Just like you wouldn't choose to represent yourself in court, you probably should not attempt to install your own water heater.

Homeowners who choose a DIY approach instead of working with a Stone Oak water heater installation company run the risk of fire and explosion, particularly if your water heater runs on natural gas. Should you put your family’s lives at risk just to save a few bucks?

Denny Plumbing can help you avoid that risk, giving you the peace of mind you need and deserve. Our installation services also help homeowners avoid:

  • Purchasing a water heater that does not match their needs
  • Carbon monoxide poisoning caused by poor installation
  • Home re-sale issues that arise through code violations
  • And other unpleasant surprises associated with your plumbing system

When you need ongoing maintenance and access to repair technicians, it is time to call on the quality Stone Oak water heater repair experts at Denny Plumbing. We provide you with the peace of mind you need and deserve when you are in the market for a new water heater. Let us be your partner in home plumbing maintenance, repair and service. Contact us now at 210-745-2288 to get started. Or visit our online scheduler.

  • Tank-Style Water Heater

    Special 3rd Party Financing for As Low As 



  • *Some restrictions may apply. Cannot combine offers. Expires 12/31/2020.

Stone Oak Pipe Leak Detection & Repair

When it comes to scheduling your Stone Oak home for plumbing leak detection, it pays to have the experts from Denny Plumbing on the job. If you suspect you have a leak at your house in Stone Oak, attempting your own pipe leak repair can turn into a problem.

Most homeowners simply do not have the proper tools and equipment to make this type of repair.  And any additional damage you cause could end up costing you more in the long run.

Instead of using a DIY approach for such a critical system in your home, why not trust professionals for plumbing leak detection in your Stone Oak, TX home?

We help you protect your assets, including the resale value of your home, by quickly identifying and addressing leaks. Don't risk a troublesome situation because you want to attempt your own repairs. Instead, let us show you the value that comes along with our professional pipe leak repair in Stone Oak, TX.

Protecting your investment through Stone Oak plumbing leak detection

Leaks in your plumbing system stand to do a significant amount of damage if they are not properly addressed. For instance, imagine if your home develops a slab leak that results in water pooling beneath the slab of your home.

You would need a Stone Oak plumber to make pipe leak repair right away.

This would not only help to protect the foundation of your home, but also to protect your health. Leaks that develop and persist over a long period of time can lead to the development of dangerous mold.

Mold and rotting affect the structural supports of your home.  And the mold generated by such a leak can lead to serious respiratory conditions in the long term.

So, how do you know your home has developed a leak? You may notice:

  • A spike in your water bills
  • Musty smells throughout the home
  • Mold or mildew forming on walls outside the bathroom
  • Water pooling
  • Sagging or otherwise deformed ceilings or floors

Avoid the stress that comes along with a DIY approach and fix the problem faster and more efficiently with the help of Stone Oak plumbing leak detection from Denny Plumbing. 210-745-2288

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Stone Oak: Your Master Planned Community

Stone Oak is a master planned community in North East San Antonio located outside Loop 1604 at Stone Oak Parkway and U.S. Highway 281.  It is home to over 70-thousand residents and has multiple medical and shopping facilities.  Stone Oak is considered a premier San Antonio subdivision.

Stone Oak was formed from a small collection of ranches.  Since its development in the 1980s, it has grown into a mega neighborhood.  At its inception, it was on the outskirts of San Antonio.  However, as it provided homes that met the varying needs of those moving into or around the Bexar County area, it grew exponentially.

It is a family friendly development.  The schools are part of the coveted North East ISD. In addition, there are multiple parks, golf courses, and recreation all within minutes of each residence.  And Stone Oak has over 11 miles of roads with landscaped medians.

Well-recognized destinations in Stone Oak include Canyon Spring Golf Club and The Club at Sonterra.

Contact one of the top-rated plumbing companies in Stone Oak Tx to schedule service with one of our knowledgeable plumbers.  Call Denny Plumbing at 210-745-2288 or schedule online.

Stone Oak Slab Leaks Need Professional Leak Detection & Repair

Stone Oak plumbers know plumbing slab leak detection begins with recognizing the signs of a possible slab leak.  These include

  • Water pooling near the foundation
  • Water running down the foundation
  • A spike in you water bill
  • A decrease in water pressure
  • A constantly running water heater
  • Buckling or warping flooring

When you notice any of these signs you should seek Stone Oak slab leak repair without delay.

A slab leak can be a simple pin-hole leak, or it may be a completely severed pipe.  Either way, a leak left un-repaired over time can produce massive amounts of water that affect the foundation above the leak.

In fact, did you know that even a pin-hole leak can produce enough water in one year to fill up half an Olympic-sized swimming pool?  That’s not what you want your home sitting on!

Plumbing slab leak repair in Stone Oak Tx should be performed by a reliable, experienced professional like the professionals at Denny Plumbing.

Denny Plumbing has a reputation for being one of the best plumbing companies in the area.  We strive to make each customer visit a 5-star experience for our customers.  And Denny Plumbing is always licensed, bonded and insured.

Professional Stone Oak slab leak detection

When you call in the highly-skilled experts from Denny Plumbing, we will begin our slab leak detection in Stone Oak Tx by using specialized equipment to help us locate the leak.  This equipment allows us to “see” or “hear” the leak without having to do demolition work on your foundation.

Once the leak is located, a plan for Stone Oak slab leak repair will be formulated.  Often this repair can be performed by simply rerouting the water line above the foundation.  This can be done by running PEX tubing through the ceiling, walls, or cabinets.  Other options for repair include epoxy restoration or in some cases direct access to the pipe by cutting a small hole in the foundation.

When you tackle a major plumbing issue like Stone Oak plumbing slab leak detection and repair, you want to know that you can trust the professionals to do the job right.

Denny Plumbing provides a full 1-year parts and labor warranty, and the motto we work by is “We do the right thing.”  It’s our promise to you that we will provide you with the best service possible, for your slab leak repair or any other plumbing work we do for you.  Give Denny Plumbing a call today.  210-745-2288