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Plumbing ages. Aging leads to leaks. A whole-house repipe protects your home from water leak damage.

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Repiping Services with Denny Plumbing Repipe Specialists in Boerne and San Antonio

If you experience multiple plumbing leaks or serious slab leaks, it’s time to consider a Boerne / San Antonio repiping services.  A Denny Plumbing repipe specialist is trained to replace the plumbing lines in your home with flexible Uponor PEX.  This repipe service will be done efficiently and with as little disturbance to your home life as possible.

Plumbing lines can fail for a variety of reasons including water quality, poor quality materials or workmanship, or age.  And when you have a catastrophic plumbing failure, your home may incur costly water damage.  If small leaks in your plumbing are showing telling you there’s a bigger problem, it’s best to have Denny Plumbing repipe your home proactively.

What are whole-house repipe services?

Whole-house repipe services involve replacing the current plumbing in your home with new water lines.  Often the best material to use is Uponor PEX.  PEX is a flexible crosslinked polyethylene tubing.  Uponor PEX pipes are durable, don’t rust or corrode, and come with a 25-year warranty.

In addition, because PEX is flexible, it can be threaded through the walls and ceilings of your home with minimal cosmetic damage.  Small access holes are often all that is needed.  Furthermore, many of these access holes are behind vanities or kitchen cabinets.

What can you expect during a repipe?

Denny Plumbing works to make the repipe process as easy as possible for you.  A whole house repipe generally takes 2-5 days.  During this time, unless your plumbing system has had a catastrophic failure, you can continue to use your water for the majority of the time.  If your current plumbing has failed and the water is off, you may need to stay with a friend or relative or in a hotel.

Denny Plumbing Repipe specialists will begin by cutting access holes and threading the PEX piping into place.  During this process we’ll cover the floors, furniture, and personal items in our work area so that they don’t get dirty.  Then we’ll install the new piping throughout the home.

On the last day of the repipe, the water will transition from the original pipes to the PEX.  At this time, the water to the home will be turned off while we attach the PEX to your faucets, water heater, and other plumbing fixtures.

When this is completed, we’ll turn the water back on and pressure up your system.  Next, we’ll inspect the system of any problems.  Once our thorough inspection is finished, your plumbing repipe will be complete.  At that time, you’ll need to have a remodel service patch any of the access holes that you want to drywall, texture and paint.

Your new plumbing repipe will keep your water working for years to come.

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