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Sewer Line Services in Boerne and San Antonio

Denny Plumbing licensed plumbers and professional sewer line technicians are the go-to choice for Boerne and San Antonio sewer stoppage issues.  We are knowledgeable and equipped to perform sewer line services including sewer camera inspection, sewer repair and sewer replacement.

San Antonio Sewer Line Maintenance

The best way to prevent major sewer stoppage issues is to have your sewer lines cleaned as soon as you notice even a slight delay in the evacuation of water.  A slow drain is often an indicator of a bigger problem. 

Having professional sewer line services clean the drains using sewer clearing machines (sewer snakes) will help to keep your wastewater flowing efficiently away from your home.  Sewer snakes can chew away clogs, debris, and roots that are obstructing the flow of water. 

Signs of Boerne & San Antonio Sewer stoppage

Stoppages can occur at a point-of-use or at the Main Sewer Line. 


If the sewer stoppage occurs at the point of use, the repair is usually simple.  The drain may be clogged with hair, soap scum, biological growth, or an item lodged in the drain.  Clearing the clog may require removing the p-trap and cleaning the immediate area of the sewer lines.

Main Sewer Line

Main sewer line stoppage occurs when the main sewer line exiting the home becomes clogged.  Tree roots growing into the line, incorrect sewer line angle, or items lodged in the line may be the culprit.  Over time tree roots may find small fissures in the lines and begin to grow toward the water inside.  Eventually, those roots grow thick enough to cause a problem inside your sewer main.  Obtaining professional sewer line services in San Antonio with sewer camera inspection can determine the cause of your blockage.  And will provide the information needed to repair or replace the line.

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Sewer line services:
    • Sewer line repair
    • Sewer system repair
    • Sewer line backup
    • Sewer stoppage
    • Sewer line replacement
    • Sewer line clean-out
    • Sewer camera inspection
    • Sewer bellied line repair
    • Sewer channel rot line replacement
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