Selma Slab Leak Detection

With the modern tools and materials used by professional plumbers, home owners no longer have to dread the thought of a Selma slab leak repair.

Qualified plumbers from Denny Plumbing are able to perform Selma plumbing slab leak detection using specialized tools to locate not only the plumbing lines in the foundation, but also the specific lines that are experiencing pressure problems and leaks.  Once these lines are identified, the experts at Denny Plumbing have a number of options available for the repair.

Often the lease invasive method for plumbing slab leak repair in Selma TX is using flexible PEX piping and re-routing the water line through cabinets, ceilings, and walls.  This reduces the cosmetic damage that used to be commonplace with slab leak repairs.

If the repair requires that the foundation be opened up, modern Selma slab leak detection tools help to pinpoint the exact location of the leak, making only a small opening in the foundation necessary.

Why choose Denny Plumbing for slab leak detection in Selma TX?

Denny Plumbing has been providing plumbing services for over 20 years.  The skilled professionals at Denny Plumbing have the knowledge and tools available to quickly make your slab leak a memory.  Our team members arrive on the job with a well-stocked service van ready to complete your Selma slab leak repair without multiple trips to the home improvement store.  In addition, we provide a one-year parts and labor warranty on all our repairs and installations.

Denny Plumbing is fully licensed and insured.  And our goal is to do what is right for our customer by providing excellent workmanship, exceptional customer service, and competitive prices.

Let us help you with your Selma plumbing slab leak detection.  Call today for more information or to schedule your appointment.  And be sure to ask about our military, senior and new home owner discounts as well as our third-party financing options.


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