Selma Water Softener Installation

Selma water softener companies, including Denny Plumbing, have several different types of units for installation in your home.  These softeners combat the hard water in the San Antonio and Hill Country area.

Salt vs. Salt-free Water Softeners

Selma plumbers use two types of water conditioners.  Let's take a look at how these units work.

The most common type of water softener is the salt version that uses sodium chloride pellets.  These units use an ion-exchange process to bind to the calcium and other minerals in the water to resin beads.  Thus, they effectively remove those minerals from your water.  And they prevent the minerals from depositing on surfaces.

The other type of unit used in Selma water softener installation is a salt-free model.  These conditioners neutralize the minerals and cause them to form into crystals.  So, this type of unit also prevents the minerals from depositing on surfaces.  But it doesn't actually remove the minerals from the water.  So, the water does not  feel “soft.”

Water softener companies in Selma, TX may use the salt-free unit if you have a health concern regarding excess sodium in the water.

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Faucets with Selma water softener filtered water

Working with Denny Plumbing

A leader among Selma water softener companies, Denny Plumbing, provides individualized installation recommendations.  Each home is analyzed for water mineral content and customer concerns.

Then we recommend only the type of unit  will be effective for you.  For example, your unit must be able to meet the correct number of grains per gallon of minerals that need to be removed from your water.

In addition, the unit shouldn’t be over or under worked.  It should have an appropriate recharge frequency and gallons usage per day.  Matching these features with the correct unit is one of the reasons water softener installation for homes in Selma, TX can be a challenge to a less experienced company.

The experts at Denny Plumbing have been in the plumbing industry for over 20 years.  We are licensed, bonded, and insured.  And we provide a one-year parts and labor guarantee on all our water softener installations and repairs.

Our licensed technicians work hard to provide you with exceptional customer service and excellent workmanship.  When you want the foremost of Selma water softener companies working for you, give the professionals at Denny Plumbing a call or schedule online.

We look forward to working with you on your water conditioning needs  or other plumbing project.

Also, to learn more, check out our information on water softeners:  benefits of water softeners, types of water softeners, water softener repair issues, water softener maintenance issues.

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