Shavano Park Plumbing Slab Leak Detection

A slab leak is a frightening event for a homeowner.  The immediate assumption is that Shavano Park plumbing slab leak detection and repair will involve tearing gaping holes in the foundation.  However, more often than not, Shavano Park slab leak repair can be accomplished with a simple reroute of the water line through the ceiling, walls, or cabinets leaving very little evidence that a major plumbing event has just been performed.

Plumbing slab leak detection in Shavano Park Tx can be performed by a trusted, licensed plumbing company like Denny Plumbing.  We have expert technicians who use specialized equipment like electromagnetic pipe locators, electronic amplification tools, and pressure detectors that can analyze which water lines in the home are affected by the leak.

But, how do you know you need Shavano Park slab leak repair?

Common signs of a slab leak include

  • The sound of constantly running water
  • Water leaking down the side of the foundation
  • Damp carpet
  • Warped wood flooring
  • Decreased water pressure
  • A constantly running water heater

If any of these signs sound familiar, you should immediately contact a plumbing professional like Denny Plumbing to perform plumbing slab leak repair in Shavano Park Tx.  Once the leak has been located, our highly-skilled, licensed plumbers will recommend the least disruptive course of action for performing your Shavano Park slab leak repair in San Antonio Tx.  Often, the foundation does not have to be cut, but even if it does, a 4×4 hole is usually large enough for the work to be performed.

Why risk having a major plumbing repair done by a second-rate company?  Denny Plumbing is bonded and insured.   The competent professionals at Denny Plumbing have been in the industry for over 20 years and work hard to stay abreast of the best technology and methods available to serve our customers.  Give Denny Plumbing a call today to schedule your appointment for Shavano Park plumbing slab leak detection or any other plumbing need.


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