Sonterra Water Softener Installation

When you think about hard water, you probably picture white spots on your glassware and shower door.  Or perhaps you think of reduced water flow at your shower head.  Both of these are correct.  But did you know that hard water can also reduce the life of your entire plumbing system?  Minerals can build up inside your pipes reducing the flow of water, sometimes severely.

Denny Plumbing, one of the leading Sonterra water softener companies, can help you protect your home with a Sonterra water softener installation.  Our water in the San Antonio area has a grains-per-gallon rating of over 10.5 which is considered very hard water.  In fact, our water is some of the hardest water in the United States.  But there is hope—a water conditioning unit can help protect your home.

Common units used by water softener companies in Sonterra TX

There are two basic types of water conditioning units:  salt-free and salt.  Each type has its pros and cons.  Specialists from Sonterra water softener companies are able to walk you through those differences.  For this reason, Denny Plumbing will always set an initial consultation to find the best fit for your unit in order to meet your water conditioning goals.

In brief, let’s look at a few of the pros and cons of each of those types.

Salt-free water conditioning units


  • Little maintenance required
  • Minerals in the water are “bound” and can’t deposit on your pipes or fixtures
  • Small spaced required for installation


  • Minerals are not removed from water.
  • Water retains its “hard” feel (this could be a pro depending on preference)
  • Still allows for soap “curd” to form on clothing and skin
Salt water softening units


  • Hard water minerals are completely removed from the water protecting pipes and fixtures
  • Soaps and detergents lather better
  • Skin may be softer
  • Clothes may last longer as soap curd is not allowed to form on them


  • Requires space for both resin and brine tanks
  • Requires adding heavy bags of salts regularly
  • Introduces additional amounts of sodium into drinking water
  • Potassium salt pellets are an expensive alternative to avoid sodium

Choose Denny Plumbing for water softener installation in Sonterra TX

Why delay? Contact Denny Plumbing to set up your initial consultation and to get started on your Sonterra water softener installation.  Our licensed professionals strive to provide you with 5-star service at a competitive rate.  In addition, we back our work and materials with an additional one-year parts and labor warranty.

We also believe in providing efficient and timely service.  To be specific, we will give you a call to let you know that we are on our way.  Just as important, we will arrive in a service van that is fully stocked with high quality parts and supplies.  We don’t believe in making you wait while we run to the local home improvement store.

When you choose Denny Plumbing, you are choosing one of the best Sonterra water softener companies.  And you are also getting a full-service plumbing company that can meet all your plumbing needs:  Water heater installation or slab leak detection.  Toilet replacement or drain cleaning.  And much, much more.

Give Denny Plumbing a call today.

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