man's hand cleaning leaves from gutter for spring home maintenance

Spring Home Maintenance Tips

Spring is here and summer quickly approaching.  Since we’re stuck at home right now, it’s the perfect time to get your home ready for summer. Here are a few spring home maintenance tips to make sure your home is ready for our hot Texas summer.

We’ll run through a short list of tasks for your home and yard. These tips will help you keep your family safe and avoid costly repairs down the road.

Yard Maintanence Tips

  • Check for signs of rodents, roaches, termites, etc.
  • Remove any remaining firewood placing it at least 18 inches off the ground and at least 2 feet away from your home.
  • Clean gutters and downspouts.  Make sure drainage is pointed away from your home.
  • Trim tree branches and shrubs that are hanging too close to your home or to utility wires.  Trees rubbing against the house can not only damage siding and roofing, but they can also provide a highway for wood destroying insects to enter your home.
  • Prep your lawn equipment for use.  Sharp blades and clean air filters will help make yard work easier.

Spring Home Exterior Maintenance Tips

  • Check for damage to your shingles, siding, and paint.  Remember paint will help protect against rain and sun wear.
  • Examine your deck and/or balconies and repair or replace loose or rotting boards or railings.
  • Go into the attic to check for signs of roof leakage, such as visible moisture or discoloration.
  • Check for leaks around window and door sills. Properly sealed windows and doors can help prevent damage and lower your energy costs.
quarter turn shutoff valves help with spring home maintenance
Quarter turn shutoff valves make it easier and faster to turn water off.

Interior and Appliances Maintenance Tips

  • Exercise the shut off valves at sinks, toilets, and appliances by turning them off and on.
  • Turn your water heater down to 115 F since there is typically less hot water usage in the summer and cold piping won’t be cooling down the water as it travels to your faucets.
  • Clean your dryer exhaust hose and vent. Lint build-up in this area is a common cause of fires, so do a thorough job by moving the dryer and disconnecting both ends of the hose.
  • Clean exhaust fan outlets and screens.
  • Check all AC air filters and replace, if necessary.
  • Vacuum refrigerator/freezer coils to help your unit run efficiently.

With all this TLC for your home, you’ll feel confident that you’re prepared for the hot months of summer that lie ahead. Many of these spring home maintenance tips were collected from various experts including the Department of Housing and Urban Development.