Summerglen Slab Leak Detection

Let the experts in Summerglen plumbing slab leak detection help you with your slab leak.  Our reliable plumbers use proven methods to locate and repair your leaks.

While Summerglen slab leak repair is rarely voluntary, it doesn’t have to be a stressful event.  The knowledgeable professionals at Denny Plumbing can help to take the stress away.

A slab leak is simply a leak in the plumbing lines that run in or under the foundation of your home.  As a home ages, sometimes there are movements in the soil that cause a shift in the foundation.  If this happens, the plumbing lines may be pinched or bent, and a hairline crack or pinhole may develop.  Unfortunately, the clay soil in the San Antonio area makes our homes susceptible to slab leaks.

What’s the process for plumbing slab leak repair in Summerglen TX?

Solving your slab leak problem begins with Summerglen plumbing slab leak detection.  The experts at Denny Plumbing use specialized equipment to locate the leak within your slab.  First, a pressure detector can locate which lines are affected by the leak.  Then an electromagnetic pipe locator can help to map out the plumbing lines within your foundation.  Finally, an electronic amplifier may be used to pinpoint the exact location of the leak.

Once slab leak detection in Summerglen TX has established the location of the leak, a repair plan can be constructed.  Many times, simply capping the leaking line and rerouting the water through a new pipe is the best option.  This re-pipe can run through walls, ceiling, or cabinets.  Our experienced technicians will determine the best path that will cause the least cosmetic damage to your home.  Often a small hole in the drywall is all that is needed when re-piping.

Denny Plumbing — the right choice for Summerglen slab leak repair

Denny Plumbing offers professional 5-star service at a competitive price.  Our plumbers work with you to meet your needs and goals.  In addition, we provide our customers with upfront quotes, so they are fully informed of the scope of the project before we begin.

Furthermore, we are happy to complete more than one plumbing project for you at a time.  If you need a quote for a water softener or water heater installation, we can do that at the same time that we take a look at your slab leak.  We take pride in a job well done for our customers.  And we work hard to earn your trust.  With Denny Plumbing you can expect honest recommendations and reliable workmanship.

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