Terrell Hills Slab Leak Detection

Even the most seasoned home owner may shrink at the words “Slab Leak.”  While slab leaks do have the potential to be quite costly, modern equipment drastically helps to cut down on the cost of many slab leak repairs today.  With electronic amplification and water pressure detection tools, Terrell Hills plumbing slab leak detection has never been easier.  And specialized tools for electromagnetically locating pipes help to reduce unnecessary damage to the interior of your home as your Terrell Hills slab leak repair is completed.

What are slab leaks?

Slab leaks develop when water lines in your slab become damaged and begin to leak.  This damage can be a result of poor quality materials or workmanship, a deterioration from chemical reactions between the water lines and the soil or concrete, or wear and tear from vibrations in the line.  Regardless of the cause of the leaks, all Terrell Hills slab leak repair should be completed as quickly as possible.

When should you call for Terrell Hills slab leak detection?

As a home owner you should make yourself aware of the common signs of slab leaks.  If you experience these conditions, you should quickly engage a reliable company, like Denny Plumbing, to make plumbing slab leak repair in Terrell Hills TX in San Antonio.  These common signs include:

  • Decreased water pressure
  • Water pooling near the foundation of the home
  • Water seeping through the floor
  • Damp carpet and warped flooring
  • Cracking or buckling of the foundation
  • Spike in your water bill

How is slab leak detection in Terrell Hills TX completed?

The professionals at Denny Plumbing utilize specialized equipment to locate the plumbing lines in your foundation and to determine which lines are affected by the slab leak.  Electromagnetic pipe locators and electronic amplification tools allow our experience team members to do this with the least cosmetic damage to your walls and flooring as possible.

Many slab leak repairs can be accomplished by re-routing plumbing lines through cabinets or ceilings and walls in such a way that no cosmetic damage is done to the home.  When repairs require our skilled professionals to open up the foundation for a Terrell Hills slab leak repair, generally a small 4’x4’ opening is enough to complete the repair.

Let the professionals at Denny Plumbing help you with your Terrell Hills plumbing slab leak detection and repair.  Our reliable licensed plumbers are here to help get your home on sure footing again.


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