The Dominion Plumbing Slab Leak Detection

If you have experienced a shifting of your home’s foundation, you may need to employ the services of trained professionals from Denny Plumbing for The Dominion plumbing slab leak detection.

The plumbing pipes underneath your foundation can become damaged for a number of reasons including shifting in the soil, shifting in the foundation, poor water quality, improper water pressure, and wear and tear from vibrations.

If those the pipes under the slab become damaged, immediate The Dominion slab leak repair is necessary.  Even small amounts of water can eventually lead to big problems in your home—extensive foundation issues or mold and mildew growth.  It is best to seek plumbing slab leak repair in The Dominion neighborhood of San Antonio TX as soon as you become aware of possible a slab leak in your home.

What are common signs for The Dominion slab leak detection?

A home owner may notice things like damp carpet, warped flooring, decreased water pressure, or areas of the floor that seem comparatively hot or cold to the rest of the floor.  Other common signs include a spike in the water bill, the sound of running water that can’t be located, bug problems due to moisture, and the growth of mold or mildew.  Of course, the most obvious sign is water running down the side of the foundation.

The experts at Denny Plumbing are here to help with your plumbing slab leak detection in The Dominion in San Antonio TX.  Our highly-skilled professionals are trained in using specialized equipment that allows them to quickly and efficiently locate the exact area of the leak. San Antonio neighborhood The Dominion slab leak repair will then be analyzed and a recommendation for the least invasive repair will be made.  The licensed technicians will discuss the repair process with you and you will receive an upfront quote on the cost and scope of the work.  We don’t surprise you with a bill after the work is completed–you will know from the start of the job what it will cost.

All The Dominion plumbing slab leak detection and repair will come with a 1-year parts and labor warranty.  And Denny Plumbing is bonded and insured.

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