Timberwood Park Plumbing Slab Leak Detection

Immediate action by Timberwood Park home owners is important for plumbing slab leak detection when you think you have a slab leak in your home or business.

A slab leak occurs when the plumbing lines under or in your foundation develop a leak or break.  This type of plumbing leak has its unique problems. For example, over time the water from these leaks can weaken the foundation and cause structural damage to your home.

The experts at Denny Plumbing are highly trained in the process of locating leaks and performing San Antonio Timberwood Park slab leak repair.

Denny Plumbing technicians use specialized equipment such as pressure detectors to locate which lines are affected by the leak.  And we use electronic amplification tools to locate the leak.  These tools speed up the process of plumbing slab leak repair for your home in Timberwood Park of San Antonio, Tx.  It will help to prevent further damage to your home.

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Common signs for Timberwood Park plumbing slab leak detection

As a homeowner, you should always be vigilant in looking for signs of slab leaks.  These signs include

  • a spike in your water bill,
  • damp carpet or warped wood flooring,
  • decreased water pressure,
  • areas of the floor that have become comparatively hot or cold
  • signs of water/dampness running down the side of the foundation

Immediately when you notice any of these signs, you should schedule slab leak detection from Timberwood Park plumbers near San Antonio Tx.  You'll want to act fast to prevent damage to your foundation and home.

In rare events, slab leaks that are left unchecked for too long can actually cause the foundation to buckle.  Then the water line may break completely and allow water to flood into your home.

We encourage you to seek the professional services from Denny Plumbing for your Timberwood Park slab leak repair before damage occurs to your home.

Slab leaks are a serious issue.  And you should have a trusted experienced professional perform Timberwood Park plumbing slab leak detection.   The highly-skilled experts at Denny Plumbing are just a phone call away.  We look forward to helping you get your home back on safe ground.

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