Timberwood Park Water Softener Installation

There are many San Antonio and  Timberwood Park, Tx water softener companies to choose from…why not work with one of the best?  Denny Plumbing has a professional, reliable team ready to handle your water softener installation needs.

The experts from Denny Plumbing will discuss with you the best type of water softener for your needs.  Some units are ion-exchange units often using sodium chloride to do the work of softening your water.  But other units are salt-free.  And water softeners also vary by capacity and recharge rate.

If the unit is a new installation, using one of the premiere water softener companies inTimberwood Park, Tx, Denny Plumbing, is wise.  We will  help determine the best placement for the unit.  And we will work with you to find the correct size unit for your water hardness and expected usage.

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Faucets with water softener filtered water

Advice from a leader in Timberwood Park water softener companies

If you're currently experiencing signs of hard water

  • white spots on your dishes
  • “scale” or calcium buildup in your coffee machine
  • hard water rings on your tub
  • calcium buildup on your shower door

you should consider installing a water softener.

Hard water is more than just a cosmetic annoyance.  In fact, it can actually damage your water lines over time as the calcium continues to build up inside the pipes.  In addition, hard water can shorten the life of your water heater, dish washer and other appliance that use water, especially hot water.

If you’re considering water softener installation for your home in Timberwood Park Tx, call Denny Plumbing.  We’ll provide a free upfront, no obligation quote on the unit and installation.  And we'll detail out the full scope of the work before we begin the install.

Why not work with the expert Timberwood Park plumbers from Denny Plumbing, one of the leading  water softener companies.

Give the knowledgeable professionals at Denny Plumbing a call today.  Be sure to ask about our military, senior and new homeowner discounts, as well as, available financing options.  Or you can simply schedule your service online.

To learn more about water softeners and how they work check out:  determining your need for a water softener, illustrations on ion exchange in water softeners, common water softener repairs, and typical water softener maintenance.

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