Windcrest Slab Leak Detection

When you have a slab leak, you want the experts at Denny Plumbing.  Denny Plumbing has been serving Central Texas for over 20 years, handling problems from Windcrest plumbing slab leak detection to major plumbing and sewer line repairs.  The professionals at Denny Plumbing are able to quickly evaluate your plumbing concerns and provide you with the Windcrest slab leak repair that you need.

Plumbing slab leak repair in Windcrest TX begins with detecting the location of the leak.  All slab leaks, by definition, are in or under the slab of the house, and have to be located using specialized equipment.  The team at Denny Plumbing uses equipment like pressure detectors, electromagnetic pipe locators and electronic amplification tools to help locate the leak in a noninvasive manner.

Once the Windcrest slab leak detection has identified the area of the leak, our team will evaluate the best way to repair the problem with the least cosmetic damage to your home.  Our plumbers work with the home owner to meet the goals and outcomes that are most important to the home owner while providing a proven solution to the problem.

Often these repairs will be done using flexible PEX tubing and rerouting the lines through cabinets, walls, and ceilings.  This prevents the necessity of making extensive cuts into the foundation which would require cosmetic repair after the plumbing job is complete.

More than Windcrest slab leak repair

Denny Plumbing offers a full line of plumbing services.  Call us in for a Windcrest slab leak detection, but have us stay for a water heater servicing, water softener installation, or bathroom remodel.  Our skilled professionals are dedicated to providing our customers with excellent customer service, top-of-the-line workmanship, and competitive pricing.

Contact Denny Plumbing today to find out more.  And ask about our senior, military, and new home owner discounts.  Third-party financing options are also available.


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